Emblema Predacon


Logo Beast Wars Transformers

Identificación Nombre Transformación
Megatron (2) Green crocodile
Terrorsaur Red/Black pterodactyl
Iguanus Brown/Yellow gila monster
Insecticon Blue/Green beetle
Snapper Olive/Yellow snapping turtle
Razorclaw Orange/Blue crab
Drill Bit Brown/Purple elephant bug
Lazorbeak (3) Purple/Red pterodactyl
Onyx Primal (4) Black/Gold bat
Waspinator Green/Yellow wasp
Tarantulas Purple/Black/Silver tarantula
Blackarachnia Black/Orange black widow spider
Buzz Saw Yellow/Black/Green/Purple yellow jacket
Jetstorm Red/Black/Yellow dragon fly
MEGA BEASTS (6) Scorponok Black/Red/Translucent Blue scorpion
ULTRA BEASTS (7) Megatron Purple tyrannosaurus-rex
McDONALDS HAPPY MEAL TOYS (8) Beetle Maroon/Grey beetle
Manta Ray Blue/Beige mantatee

(1) Predacons have "rapid transformations," where the toy changes by pushing a button or lever.

(2) Megatron is sold together with the Optimus Primal Maximal character.

(3) Lazorbeak is a recolored version of Terrorsaur.

(4) Onyx Primal is a recolored version of Optimus Primal [bat form], and was available exclusively to pre-registered attendees of BotCon 1996.

(5) Deluxe Beast Predacons are larger than regular Predacons and tend to have more intricate transformations.

(6) Mega Beast Predacons are larger and more intricate than Deluxe Beasts.

(7) Ultra Beasts are even larger and have even more features than the other Predacons.

(8) Happy Meal Predacons were available as the toy included in a McDonalds Happy Meal.