Emblema Autobot Generation 2


Logo Transformers Generation 2

Identificación Nombre Transformación
LASER RODS Optimus Prime Red tanker truck
LASER CYCLE Road Rocket Red motorcycle
Air Raid Black FB-117 stealth fighter
Jetfire Grey jet
Strafe Green/Tan experimental XF-29 Fighter
Blowout Transparent Grey sports car
Bumblebee Metallic Yellow Pontiac Firebird
Double Clutch Red/White/Blue Indy racer
Firecracker Transparent Red Lamborgini Diablo
Gearhead Yellow NASCAR stock car
High Beam Green Pontiac Firebird
Ironhide Silver/Black car
Mirage Black/Yellow/Red Indy racer
Motormouth Blue Chevy pick-up truck
Optimus Prime Red Lamborgini Diablo
Sideswipe Metallic Blue/Black Lamborgini Diablo

(1) Cyberjets include springless missile launchers.

(2) Go-Bots are small cars that fit Hot Wheels(tm) race tracks. Go-Bot Optimus Prime and Sideswipe are recolored versions of Firecracker. Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Mirage are recolored versions of High Beam, Motormouth, and Double Clutch, respectively.