Emblema Autobot Generation 2


Logo Transformers Generation 2

Identificación Nombre Transformación
AERIALBOTS Air Raid Blue F-15 Eagle
Firefight Red F-4 Phantom II
Skydive Grey/Blue F-16 Falcon
Slingshot Gold Harrier jet
Silverbolt * Blue SST jet
COMBAT HERO Optimus Prime White/Red tractor w/missile trailer (1)
LASER RODS (2) Electro Gold pickup truck
Volt Red car
ROTOR FORCE (3) Leadfoot Yellow Indy car
Manta Ray Yellow powerboat

(1) An air bladder shoots missiles when squeezed.

(2) Laser Rods have light-up engines. They can hold a sword which lights up when placed in their hand.

(3) Rotor Force Transformers have a wind-up gun which shoots plastic rotors.