Emblema Autobot Generation 2


Logo Transformers Generation 2

Identificación Nombre Transformación
MINICARS Beachcomber Metallic Green dune buggy
Bumblebee Metallic Gold Volkswagon Beetle
Hub Cap Metallic Red Volkswagen Jetta
Seaspray Metallic Blue/White/Yellow hovercraft
CARS Rapido Red car
Skram Blue Corvette
Turbofire Green pickup truck
Windbreaker Orange Chevy Camaro
Slag Red triceratops
Snarl Green stegosaurus
Grimlock * Turquoise tyranosaurus rex
Slag Green triceratops
Snarl Red stegosaurus
Grimlock * Purple tyranosaurus rex
COLOR CHANGERS (2) Drench Green Porsche racer
Gobots Orange car

(1) The Generation 2 Dinobots were also released in several colors, to the dismay of completist toy collectors everywhere. The above colorations are rather definate, these are the same as the 1992 silver Dinobots , just recolored. They were released in the above order. Hope this helps out you diehard collectors.

(2) Color changers have guns that shoot water. Also, water that hits them appears as "damage".